326 Laboratory

a robot and a decadence

Number-326: bot | it | they | asexual
Decadence: they | bisexual

INFP-T | Feb 24

Number-326 is a nerdy, cringe robot that you can see usually on SNS. Always hyped, laughs and draws things. Do not afraid of it, people!

Decadence is not easily showing her face. Because she is shy and easily in anxiety when she is with a lot of people. But she has a unique style. Beril, her original universe presents it. Without that bot is nothing, and her, too.

Content Warning:
Gore / Depression / Eyestrain / Gun / Body Horror / Blood / Drug

But mostly I post NSFW/CW stuffs on my privatter.

I’m not good at English. But I’ll try my best.

Sometimes I post my anxiety/depression thoughts. It’s always okay to unfollow/block me.

I can’t interact on DM too much because of my social anxiety. And I’m not good at texting DM quickly. It may takes time.

Sometimes i disappear when i have no social energy. But I’ll be back after recharging is done.

Don’t interact me if you’re Anti-LGBTQ+.

! YU GI OH Vrains - Respectfulshipping(Ryospec)

DM - GX - 5Ds - ZEXAL - VRAINs


Early 20c’s Avant-garde/Modernism era, 1920s, Bauhaus, German Expressionism, Brutalism, Sci-Fi, Guns, Robots, Monsters ...

Topics I love

Drawing(the best topic that i love to talk about)
Design, German(still in A2 but...), Films(obsessed with Fritz Lang‘s works)
Ocs(Sartre, Mabuse, Carozza, Isabel)


Tier 0 : Falco / Kraftwerk / Buckethead

Tier 1 : Primus / Eisbrecher / Die Ärzte / Eiffel 65 / Nina Hagen / Oomph! / Vitas / Erik Satie / Arnold Schönberg

Tier 2 : Rammstein / Killswitch Engage / Eurythmics / Megaherz / The Prodigy / System of the Down / Nightwish / Herbie Hancock ...

Latest Fandoms

Borderlands / Powerpuff Girls / Metalocalypse ...